ACCS - Australian Community Children's Services

ACCS is the peak body representing Australia's not-for-profit community owned children's services and those who support the right of children to access these services

ACCS builds on the strong history of the National Association of Community Based Children's Services (NACBCS) Est 1982





ACCS has made a submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning on behalf of its members and the families and children using not-for-profit children's services. Read the full submission here

ACCS Media Release: New Children's Services Survey

Australian Community Children's Services (ACCS) has recently conducted a second wave of the 'Trends in Community Children's Services Survey' (TICCSS) that was initially created to generate a series of National Reports on how the community sector has engaged with and implemented the NQF.

Read the report here

ACCS Media Release: Greens New Benefit

The Greens New Benefit to overhaul childcare payments and invest in quality is a real victory for Australian children and families.


ACCS Media Release: Community Based Child Care Thriving Under the NQF

Despite a lot of commentary from the commercial child care sector and the Coalition that the reforms being rolled out as part of the National Quality Framework are putting too much pressure on the viability of long day care centres, many community based child care centres are thriving under the new system.


ACCS Media Release: Community Child Care Services call on Professor Sloan to retract "dim witted" child care staff comment

Australian Community Children's Services (ACCS) calls on Professor Judith Sloan to retract and apologise for the comment that she made in a blog post that refers to child care staff as "dim witted graduates from second rate universities." A comment which she stood by when questioned about it on the Q & A program on ABC television on Monday night.


ACCS Media Release: Federal Government $300 million Early Years Quality Fund announcement

The Federal Government's announcement regarding $300,000,000 to fund increased wages to children's services staff is a good first step but there is still a long way to go.